Shock Absorbers

Q What is the function of a shock absorber?
Q How does a shock absorber work?
Q How many different KYB shock absorber construction designs are there?
Q What is the difference between a standard replacement shock absorber and self-levelling shock absorber?
Q Do worn shock absorbers affect drivability?
Q What is the difference between understeer & oversteer?
Q What are the obvious visual signs of a worn shock absorber?
Q When replacing a worn shock absorber, should I replace the pair or just the faulty individual item?
Q How long should I expect my shock absorbers (or struts) to last?
Q Are special struts or shock absorbers required when lowering a vehicle approximately 25-30mm?
Q Are shock absorbers valved differently for coil springs when compared to leaf springs?
Q What is the purpose of an internal Top-Out Bump Stop?