NEW STRUT KIT LAUNCHED: Everything you need, in one box!

June 2021

Global OE suspension manufacturer KYB has introduced an all new Strut Kit range, providing a simplified product offering for customers with everything they need in one box.

KYB says the new strut kit is perfect for customers who want longer lasting components, reduced fitting costs and the confidence of a perfect fit – first time, every time.

“The strut is a crucial part of the vehicle’s steering system and greatly affects alignment angles, so it is important to ensure this part is in optimum condition for vehicle safety.”

“If you are in the situation where a strut has failed, it is highly likely that the strut mount, dust boot and bump stop will have worn out as well,” KYB Senior Product Manager, Larry Coulthard, said.

“Because of this, we recommend all related components should be replaced at the same time to avoid further problems and optimal performance

“While replacing struts will restore the vehicle’s suspension to like new condition, replacing the strut mount, dust boot and bump stop at the same time will ensure the prolonging of the strut’s life by providing enhanced protection and support.

“Replacing these parts all at the same time will also allow you to save on labour time, with the kits coming complete with everything you need in the one box.

“And thanks to the fact that the kits are vehicle-specific by design, you can rest assured each part is ideal for its corresponding make and model for a perfect fit.”

Sixteen vehicle-specific Strut Kits have been released in this initial new product launch from KYB with kits for additional vehicles set to be introduced in the future.

“KYB is one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of OE shock absorbers, so who better to develop and manufacture AM replacement suspension components!

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About KYB

Established in 1919, KYB has become a world leader in the development and application of hydraulics technology.

KYB’s components and products are sold in more than 100 countries, with proficiency in engineering and manufacturing helping earn KYB the Demming Prize for total quality control.

KYB Shock Absorbers is distributed by Niterra Australia.

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