New SR Special
NST0000 Series
New SR Special
Shock Absorbers
NSF0000 Series
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By reducing unwanted vehicle body roll, pitch and nose diving, New SR Special shock absorbers are designed to achieve superior damping forces compared to original equipment.
When installed, a vehicle will demonstrate better handling response, greater stability, and shorter braking distances. Additionally, New SR Special technology self-adjusts to prevent damping forces from becoming excessive, ensuring pleasurable, fatigue-free, long-distance driving.

  • Extended and compressed lengths match Original Equipment
  • Increased damping forces in certain driving modes – the car is more stable at high speeds and with aggressive driving style
  • Preservation of the standard level of comfort during calm driving, despite a significant increase in operational energy intensity and control.
  • Absorbs the impact of bumps and seams above the moderate speeds by adjusting the full volume of the damping force.
  • Compression and rebound damping forces can be increased by 15-20% during some modes of operation.