Shock Selector

Using advanced technology KYB shock absorbers respond to an unmatched range of car suspension needs.
Shock absorbers part finder
Shock Absorbers that help restore your vehicle’s original handling & control
Primarily developed to help restore OE performance for normal driving conditions. These shock absorbers are designed with mounting components and valving that are specific to each vehicle application, and are calibrated to compensate for worn suspension assemblies.
The absolute best to restore that genuine feeling
The mono-tube design that self-adjusts to driving conditions
The economical option for superior control and comfort
Shock Absorbers designed to increase performance above original handling & control
heavy duty - standard height
Designed and tested to withstand the heavy loads and environments required of tradesman utes, courier vans, and salesman wagons/SUVs.
For the tradie with a heavy load
heavy duty - lifted height
Built to last. From off-road trails, rough desert roads and other 4WD adventures, this range provides superior handling and control while keeping you on the right track.
For the 4wd’er on a high
Performance and precision are the key features of this range of KYB shock absorbers that are engineered by KYB tuning experts for street and track vehicles.
For the legendary Japanese import
For the legendary European import
For the racetrack demon (32 or 8 levels)
For the racetrack demon (4 or 8 levels)