Incorrect Installation – Piston rod damage

July 2016


Every KYB strut piston rod is hard chromed to ensure a completely smooth surface, guaranteeing perfect metal to seal contact. However, some installers incorrectly apply pliers or multi-grip type tools to clamp the piston rod during the installation and/or removal of top mounting nuts.
This action will result in the piston rod becoming burred and scored by the teeth of the tool biting into it. Consequently, once the damaged piston rod starts to compress and extend in the vehicle, it will quickly cut though the oil seal resulting in leakage.


Unfortunately some installers incorrectly use impact air tools during installation and/or removal of top mounting nuts on strut assemblies. The use of impact air tools can potentially lead to excessive torque applied to the piston rod and mounting nut, resulting in metal fatigue and subsequent piston rod breakage.

NOTE: KYB warranty does not cover failure due to incorrectly installed suspension components i.e. a suspension item failure not caused by product failure, but by incorrect installation.