Correct Installation of Shock Absorber, Strut or Cartridge

July 2016

When installing a shock absorber, strut or cartridge it is often difficult to prevent the piston rod from rotating when tightening the top mounting nut. However, KYB piston rods have been designed to allow for a Spanner (Figure A), Hex Key (Figure B) or Key Way (Figure C) to hold the piston rod in position during fitment. For example the Key Way design locks the piston rod in the top hat mounting assembly, preventing the piston rod from rotating.

In addition, correct assembly of parts is critical to the longevity of a shock absorber or strut and the prevention of noise.

It should also be noted that top mounting assemblies of struts and shock absorbers should always be tightened by hand to the manufacturers specific torque settings. Using hand tools eliminates the possibility of shearing piston rods and stripping threads.